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Prepaid SIM -korteista Saksassa

Tähän kokoan tietoja Saksassa toimivista turisteille sopivista SIM-korteista.

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Call credit or data can be topped up from here:

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There are now only three network operators left in Germany:
* Deutsche Telekom (formerly known as T-Mobile)
* Vodafone
* o2 (owned by Telefónica) currently merging with E-Plus (acquired by Telefónica)

All other offers mentioned below are MVNOs of one of the three network operators shown above. MVNOs are particularly popular for prepaid in Germany and are mostly cheaper than the MNOs

MVNO =   Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Niin sanottu virtuaalioperaattori, jolla ei ole omaa radioverkkoa. Yritys vuokraa toiselta operaattorilta verkon ja tarjoaa omia palvelujaan niiden kautta. DNA on Suomen MVNO markkinajohtaja. (Lähde: )

VoIP calls are officially allowed only by O2 and some of its MVNOs. Other operators like Vodafone still officially ban them in their T&Cs without any real consequences. Only Telekom (and its MVNOs) has actively blocked and scrambled VoIP in the past, but opened all new tariffs for it now.

O2 (with E-Plus): The newly consolidated o2 network has a good coverage and 3G speeds in towns and cities, but can't match overall coverage in the countryside for now. 4G/LTE is open on O2's own brand and on most of its resellers too. This makes it the cheapest offer with LTE in the country right now. It's the only network that covers the Berliner U-Bahn (= metro, underground, subway) in full length by both 3G and 4G/LTE.

Sisältää o2:n ja sen virtuaalioperaattoreiden liittymien esittelyn.


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